Friday, July 31, 2009

Sea World

I actually took the slow route today. We got to Sea World early, got on some attractions quickly (even Ship Wreck Rapids had no line at 10:30am) and only went to the things we really wanted to see. At 5pm we came back to the room, played, swam and relaxed and got back to Sea World at 8pm for the night time attractions (the Riptide show was spectacular). We didn't see everything this time, but went at a pace that goes against my personality. We had a GREAT TIME!

Sea World has a great new deal (well, new to me). $30 gets you meals (entree, side or dessert, and drink) ALL day long, as often as you want. These meals are HUGE! For one meal we had a 1/2 chicken, fries, corn, carrot cake and a lemonade (I shared my meals with the monkeys). For a 2nd meal we had a shrimp and poached salmon salad, a side of grilled salmon and a drink. I also had coffee and fruit.

Considering how expensive amusements parks normally are, I'm very happy to have used our year long passes to go to Sea World (we got the buy a day in 2008 and get 2009 free) and the meal deal to eat.

There really are deals still to be found!


dizzblnd said...

What a BLAST! I am glad everyone had a good time. I love Sea World. We have Busch Park passes as well. They get us into Sea World, Busch Gardens (about 4 hours away) their water park (can't remember the name), Aquatica, Sea World's water park which is right across the street from Sea World is right across the street. Since we live about 1/2 mile from there, we go in the morning to hit the coasters, maybe see a show or 2 then head to Aquatica. It makes for a great cheap day.

We don't buy the meal deals though. We just pay for lunch and them come home and eat dinner.

Joanie M said...

I'm glad you're having such a great time!

One year, we bought season passes to Dorney Park (, because we owned a restaurant 15 minutes from the park and my kids had to come to work with us. I'd take the kids to the park after the lunch rush. I got preferred parking, near the private gate and 2 trips to Dorney paid for the tickets. The rest of the season was free. We especially liked the Water Park and often skipped the regular rides and spent the entire day at the water slides!

Under the Influence said...

Sounds like fun.

Was that salmon raised at Sea World? :)

Lucy said...

Sounds like a great time!!! And a deal too!!! What more can you ask for:)

Terri said...

Sounds like y'all had a blast! We love Sea World - a few thrill rides, a few mild rides, lots of fascinating sea creatures...of course, we hang at the one in San Antonio. I think San Diego's weather could only make the whole experience that much better!!!