Monday, July 13, 2009

It Does Everything but Lose Weight For Me

Today I bought this scale:

It measures so many different things (like bone density, water level, etc...) that it practically loses the weight for me. Sadly, I must actually lose the weight myself.

I did not go to the gym today. I tried Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD instead. I think I will try to do it on the days I don't workout by going to the gym or to Latin Jam (today I didn't get home with the monkeys until 8:30pm and was too tired to go to the gym).

It won't be 30 continuous days of her shred program, but will get me working out more than I have been. I am also counting on it to rev up my system by changing part of my workout. I can safely say that I was SWEATING by the time those 20 minutes were up, and I did level 1 (out of 3). I'll report back on my progress.

The last piece is my diet. I will continue on that path tomorrow.

Over Labor Day we are going on vacation to a resort in Napa. I will be in a bathing suit for 5 days with people who have known me since I was the monkeys' age.

This is the 6 week push to that event. Does anyone else want to challenge themselves to a 6 week fitness goal?

I will post my progress here. Please keep me accountable.


Lupita said...

Yes. I will join you!!! I posted my weightloss goal on my blog also...and I am upset to announce that since I last blogged (about 1 week ago) I can add 1/2 a lb to my goal!! UGH! I have a wedding to attend in December for which I want to purchase a pretty dress for. So thats my goal, to loose at least 1/2 of my current goal. Lets do it!!

LL said...

You need to buy a scale that reduces the displayed weight by something like 1/2 a pound a day automatically and then stops when it gets to your desired weight.

Would a scale like that reduce tonnage? No.

Could we sell a million of them? Oh, Yes-we-could!

Lucy said...

I don't own a scale! I refuse to weigh myself anymore. So, I just go with my updates from the Doctor. I have been the same size for the last 8 years and I'm over worrying about it.

Now, don't get me wrong I still watch what I eat and walk but I just had to toss the scale!

You look soooo tiny in your pictures and you seem to always be exercising I think you are just fine but GOOD LUCK with meeting your goals. I know how it feels to set goals and then reach them!!!!