Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three Day Weekend

As much as every fiber of my being fights me on putting relaxation over the kids, tonight I let the kids play with the baby sitter and took a two hour nap!! I am trying to stop feeling bad about blowing them off :)

This weekend will be a lot of family time, but I plan on taking some me time too. I have been promising myself I would clean out my closet and chest of drawers for almost a year now. Hopefully this will be the weekend to do so.

I also want to go to the gym and lay around and do nothing.

This blog can be a great way to keep myself accountable :)


LL said...

You need to put some sort of video feed on your blog (from your house) so that we can hold you far more accountable than we do at the moment.

dizzblnd said...

NEVER feel guilty about taking a break from your kids. We all need a break form the people we love at one time or another.
Good luck on doing all of those menacing chores.
Please post your progress. It will make you feel great

Under the Influence said...

Julia, PLEASE take time for yourself, always. It is so important to do that on a regular basis. Send the kids with your husband for a few hours and get some rest, read a book, do whatever. You will be amazed at how good you feel when you do this on a regular basis. Then you really get to enjoy the time with your kids/husband because you are refreshed and renewed on a regular basis! And don't forget to go on a date night with your husband on a regular basis, too!

LL said...

The nice thing about the July 4 weekend is that there are very few "obligations" set out for how to enjoy the time. Everyone has a different take on the day. Make it work for YOU and it's a great weekend.

Lucy said...

GO FOR IT!!! It is sooo important for you and in the end it helps the family alll the way around.