Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am a series of opposites/oddities/etc...

  • Today I went to Staples and got the Free Backpack (a really cool Swiss army one actually), a free set of mechanical pens, a free mechanical pencil sharpener, free gel pens, and a free tape dispenser and will end up make money on the whole purchase due to my Staples Rewards card.
  • Yesterday I paid $88 in late fines to the LA Public Library for 4 books the kids checked out.

I am so coupon conscious with what I buy but then let things go unpaid and incur fees. Or I will think twice about a $10 item and then buy a $100 item without a second thought.

Then I have a friend that will spend $20 on laundry detergent and trash bags (I always make sure I have a stockpile that I paid minimally for) but gets pissed when she incurs a $1.20 late fee.

If only we can make both of us diligent about everything :)


Adriana said...

OMG $88? I have such a hard time with library late fees. Sometimes I wonder if I am saving any money at all going to the library instead of buying the book.

Under the Influence said...

$88? Wouldn't it have been cheaper to say you lost the books and just paid for them to replace them?