Monday, July 20, 2009

So This is Why I am Tired

I realized one of the reasons I get so tired. Since Saturday morning I have been to the following stores:

The Calabasas Farmers Market - I get all my Fruits and Veggies there
Rasputin Russian Market - I get my cold cuts for sandwiches, Russian candy, pickles, etc... there
Greenlands Korean Market - I get marinated kalbi beef, rice (they even have organic), green onions (we were BBQing) there.
Henry's Market - new market that opened up with some great sale items (like $.88 cherries, pineapples, etc..) and really great seafood (scallops, shrimp, salmon, etc...).
Ralphs - I get some organic produce and non perishable products with coupons there.
Pavillions/Vons - I get some organic produce and non perishable products with coupons there.

I guess my friend wasn't exaggerating when she said the following:

"My daughter loves the food at your house. I'm glad she's eating (she's very picky), but now thanks to you I have to go to 5 different stores"


LL said...

Attention to detail seems to be your hallmark. And it seems as if your larder is stocked better than any in yours or any neighborhood.

All that is left is to tell us where we can go (your house of course) to assemble a sandwich when we are ready for a snack.

OR when are you opening the Julia Deli?

Under the Influence said...

Hey there, check out the website

She has great healthy recipes that look so delicious!

Under the Influence said...

Another foodie sight you might like - there is a recipe blog hop going on.

Lucy said...

That is so funny a blogger I follow is doing this blog hopping thing and I think it has themes and recipes I think is this week, anyways I thought of you immediately!!! You have some of the best recipes.

You seem to love to cook and yet it doesn't seem to me that is your profession, you should try to mesh the two, I think you would be successful.

Now, I go to Kroger, one stop shopping, sad, very sad!!

Suzy said...

I went to Ralph's today, bought 4 items, came home and had to lie down. Can I come live with you?

April said...

There's no way I could ever do that.