Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's Sunday evening and my brain is fried (well, the fact that it's Sunday and the fact that it was over 100 degrees today). So, I can only do Random Thoughts:

  • My in-laws promised the monkeys that they would bring their other grandchild to our house today so that the kids could play (without asking me first of course). They decided not to come over so I had monkeys all day asking me when their cousin was going to come over.
  • This weekend I ATE. And ATE. I LOVE birthday celebrations but it is SOOO hard for me to stop eating good food.
  • Why can't men understand that women like being the center of attention - WHY YES, I WOULD HAVE WANTED A CANDLE IN MY LAVA CAKE AND THE WAITERS SINGING ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY even if you would have hated it!
  • I will never again buy a FANCY four cheese blend to make a kids pizza with - apparently it smells like throw up (insert rolling eyes emoticon here).
  • My friend is a GREAT mom - after getting stung by a bee in out pool she offered to go outside and swat away another bee. I AM NOT that good of a mom - I would have made the kids leave the pool.
  • I am looking forward to Sunday nights on HBO - what a GREAT season of Entourage so far.
  • I LOVE Facebook - it allows you never to miss birthdays. Also, getting ~40 Happy Birthday messages on FB rocks - I felt special ALL day/weekend!!
  • Friends that are more like family that friends, that you have had for over 20 years, should not be allowed to only congratulate you on Facebook - they also need to CALL!

To one of my BFFs whose Birthday is tomorrow - I love the fact that we are friends and that I can count on you for anything (except if I call and tell you that I saw Jake Gyllenhaal, because then you would hang up on me, you hater ;) ). Have an amazing year!!!

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Lucy said...

It sounds like you had a fun birthday, eating what you liked!!!

Enjoy your hot weather, we are dealing with below normal weather, it is the pits. In July wearing a jacket, yuck!