Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ummm, ok....

So I am checking out this great website on saving money called Feed The Pig. There are actually some great tips on there, and it is co-sponsored by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). And then, I found this:

The section is titled Habit-Breaking Help . The sub-section is Happy Hour .

In order to develop your budget, keep all of your receipts for a month or two. That way you can get a realistic sense of where you are in your current spending.

An Easy Start
If you go out, order water with your drink and alternate to make it last twice as long. OK - this one I kind of agree with - it does make your drinking last longer, and makes you exercise by going to the bathroom every five minutes due to the amount of water you're drinking.

Diving In
Have happy hour at home before you go out. Really? Are you advocating drinking at home and then DRIVING somewhere else????
Make a happy-hour calendar and only go to bars that offer specials. (You might find cheap eats too!) All happy hours have specials - that's why they're called "Happy Hours". Otherwise it would just be called "going to a bar".

Super Saver
Learn to appreciate less pricey drinks - curb your snobbery! Most Happy Hour specials are on "well alcohol".
Every once in a while opt for a soft drink, tea or juice OK - this is no longer called "Happy Hour". It's called "being the designated driver and watching your drunk friends laugh at things that REALLY aren't funny at all"

Other than that, the tips are GREAT ;)


Under the Influence said...

That is funny. Maybe this was written by college students. We used to down some major alcohol to get a drunk before we went to the bars for the evening. Then we just had to maintain our drunkenness instead of paying bar prices to GET drunk!

Janna Bee said...

Hahaha.... I hate it when my friends are drunk and I am not- they can get so annoying!