Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Just Need To Get A Few Things

And so it starts :)

Last night I went to Target. For me at least, it's where I know I'll find a lot of cheap stuff, but will spend a ton of money!

First stop, the dollar spot! Certain items are 50% off, making then 50 cents. So I stock up on kids nail polish, stickers, little puzzles, workbooks, etc...

Then I REALLY needed Ziploc bags and was too lazy to sort through my coupons (it killed me to pay more than $1.50 but the big monkey needed something to put her sandwich in for camp).

Then the real reason I was there - a new lunch bag for the big monkey. She lost hers towards the end of the last school year and I never had time to replace it. So, I got her a cute new lunch bag and a small blue ice to keep things cool in this summer heat (in 90s).

Then I stopped by the exercise DVDs. I had been searching for the 30 Day Shred after reading how great it was on a number of blogs. They finally had it, so in that goes too. I will hopefully start it this weekend.

Wait a second, back to school supplies are already out in full force! Holy Shit - summer JUST started!!

So I decide to look at the summer clearance items. I ended up getting 6 of these chairs (2 were for a friend) for $3 each:

Aren't they cute - and even if they only last one season, who cares, they were $3!!!

After going in for one lunch bag, I walked out with two bags of stuff and 6 folding chairs. Just another shopping trip to Target :)


dizzblnd said...

Those are cute chairs. I love TarJay.. but I hate going there like you did for just paper towels or whatever and end up spending $100

It N E V E R fails.

Adriana said...

Adorable chairs...and such a good price. Some stores are just like that. No matter what we are going to "run in and get and that is it" we can't walk out of the store without more than we came in for. LOL

Lucy said...

I'm not allowed to go into Target anymore without my husband. Everytime I went I never spent less than $200.00 and I always went for just a couple of things. I always got suckered into,5& 10 buck deals, well, those 5 and 10buck deals add up quick. I love that store!!!

Jamie said...

Ha Ha! I'm the same way in Target. Go in there just to "look around" or get one thing and well you know what happens :)