Monday, November 10, 2008

Should vs Do

I feel like I have a constant running dialogue in my head (or maybe it's voices and the men in white coats are on their way to take me away ;) ). It goes something like this: I should get in to the right lane now, now...Doh! I should have gotten in to the right lane!

So here's a list of the typical things I should do vs. the things I actually do:
  • Should wash my face at night vs. Splash water on my face at night
  • Should pay my bills as soon as I get them vs. Leave them until the last minute and incur late fess
  • Should make the phone calls I need to make vs. Procrastinate until I can no longer wait (and then chastise myself for waiting so long)
  • Should talk less and listen more vs. Talk more and listen less
  • Should have patience and let my kinds help me cook, etc... vs. Turn on the TV and hope my kids are enthralled enough to sit still and leave me alone
  • Should get timely haircuts vs. Let my hair grow out and wear it in a pony tail until I get my butt to my hairdresser
  • Should go to the dentist/doctor every six months vs. Go to the dentist/doctor every two years
  • Should look through my clothes and ebay what I don't wear vs. look at my closet and do nothing
  • Should save money and go to the library vs. I saved money by bringing my lunch so I can buy books, right?
  • Should not eat fried food, drink more water, be healthier vs. yummy fries and garlicky ranch dressing (cheesecake factory)!!!

So those are my top ten. Please comment and let me know your "should have" vs. "do"s! Misery does love company ;)


Opus #6 said...

I absolutely LOVE this post! I do all the same things YOU do!!!! He he.

Julia said...

Thanks! I always fell like I'm the worst procrastinator and I should stop and become an "ADULT" (whatever that means).

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Stopping by after you left a comment over at Mom Bloggers the name of your blog...just perfect. Fits so many included of course. Oh, should vs do? The list is quite long but usually mine involves I SHOULD take care of something for myself instead of DOING everything for everyone else! That would help me be more sane...for sure.

Hey, at least you have recipes on your blog....that means you are WAY more lucid than I am... : - )

vadim said...

i always feel i SHOULD exercise when the boys wake me up early in the morning, but what i end up DOing is watching cartoons with them. let's just say that there's more spongebob than muscle on this dad. sad.

julia said...

well since my husband is posting... i SHOULD maybe learn to cook at some point in my life (how is having a husband and friend gourmet chefs not rubbed off?) vs. eating cheese & crackers for dinner...

Keri and Jason said...

Oh geesh! I have way too many should vs do. My prime example for tonight... Yeah, I should have exercised even a tiny bit vs snacking on three Hostess powdered doughnuts. Shame on me! Great post!!