Monday, November 17, 2008

Massage and fitness...right...

So, I got the latest Brookstone catalog in the mail.

Based on the pictures it can be a lot of things, but to my dirty mind, it's basically a $4500 sex toy (lots of use either alone or together :))?!?!

When I went online to find the pictures, I found an even more interesting item at Brookstone.

Do I even need to say what I think this is?

And surprise, surprise - it's one of the "TOP 5 Our customers' favorite gifts". No effing duh!!

And on that note, does anyone really use the shower massagers they sell at Walgreen's because their necks hurt (especially the pink ones)??

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Kristy said...

The power plates from what I understand really work...they had a bunch of them at the health club I used to go to and there were lines to get on the darn things...All the trainers swore by them...but I never stood in line to find out! BOO! I laughed so hard at the 4500 sex toy!