Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's not a sprint, it's a marathon

I did not go to the gym tonight. Truth - I was tired. Tired from working out every night during the week and tired after last nights Zumba class.

As a typical mom - what am I going to do with that extra hour?! I ran to Trader Joes before it closed at 9pm. Then a girl friend called and she was going to Target, so I went with her.

A couple of comments:
  • why does Trader Joes work from 9am-9pm????? Working parents can not make it to TJs during those hours!! At least close at 10pm! Gah!!
  • Target is like Disneyland. There are always fun things to see and buy!

We walked around Target (me in my heels) until they turned down the lights on us (1 hour) and checked out the kids clothes, the end caps and the leftover Halloween clearance items. I think the 1 hour walk around Target definitely counts as exercise.

I bought 1 item - Halloween facial hair tattoos. Kids don't really care what the tattoo is of - they just LOVE tattoos.

Total Spent: ~$2.60 for the tattoos, $38 for groceries (but I paid in cash, whereas I would normally put it on credit card).

Total Saved: I brought lunch (still leftovers from Sunday's dinner) instead of going out to eat.

I've been Blog browsing and reading lots of money saving blogs.

I figure first - my mindset, then - my actions. Both in fitness and finances, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

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