Saturday, November 8, 2008

Girl Friends

I absolutely love my closest girl friends. They are there for me whenever I need. When I need to go out to eat, or for a drink, they are always ready - especially the ones without kids.

However, their weekends consist, generally, of waking up late, lounging around, running a couple of errands, and getting ready to go out.

MY weekends consist of 1 child droped off here, another child taken there, mommy mommy I want, grocery shopping to have food in the house to feed the kids, mommy mommy I want, play dates, or setting up play dates, and maybe a couple of minutes of down time!!! I am lucky enough to have a wonderful baby sitter, so I can go out at night. Of course, by 11pm I am yawning and looking at my watch! Yes, I do get made fun of, and I feel bad, but I have had a LONG DAY, and tomorrow starts the same cycle. Them - tomorrow means getting up late, lounging around and getting some errands done. Repeat every weekend....

Tomorrow is another recipe - is it wrong that I look forward to getting together so I can have an excuse to cook????

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Opus #6 said...

Hey, take a picture of that food and blog about it. Sounds yummy. My weekends are SO hectic, too. I barely remember the carefree days so long ago. But I wouldn't trade my little ones for anything. So every morning we hit the ground running again.