Thursday, November 20, 2008

The definition of insanity

I have been meaning to clean up/out my mail for the last 2 weeks or so. I constantly let it pile up until it's spilling over and then get pissed and tackle it.

By the way, why do i keep getting magazines? I love Bon Appetit, but really, if I'm looking for a recipe I go online. So, why can't I just throw them out??? No clue!

About one month ago, I even went out and bought something similar to this:

It looks great. It organizes my bills, my coupons, my follow-ups, etc...

There's one thing it does my mail and put it in the correct slot! OK - two things. It won't pay my bills for me! Stupid organizer!

The following is a true IM exchange I had with my friend tonight:

Me - hey! I skipped the gym 9:39 PM
Friend - you know - that's quite alright 9:39 PM
Me - I'm about to take care of ALL of the bills 9:39 PM
Me - hopefully 9:40 PM
Me - and junk mail - I'm effing sick of it! 9:40 PM
Me - I hate that I have to get to that point9:40 PM
Friend - you should sign up w/ ProQuo 9:41 PM
Friend - get off junk mail lists and catalogue you don't want - and sign up for ones you do want 9:41 PM
Me - but I like some of it 9:42 PM
Me - I just want to take a quick peek and then throw away 9:42 PM

Now - my statement about junk mail would be fine, if I actually did just take a quick peak right away and then throw out. Alas, I let it sit there until I go nutz!!!

This is a constant repetitive cycle. Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results??

Oh well - on and on I go. Maybe tomorrow will be different ;)


Dana said...

I know about the catalogues. We have a pile of those and magazines that we can't seem to toss out!

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Yep, sounds like the definition of insanity and I think we all got it sister. I'm thinking I need to be the one to actually DO something different to get out of the insanity cycle - but I'm too lazy to try that hard. : - )

Oh, and WHERE can you take Zumba? Sounds killer and I'm also in LA (I think you are too and is it like it's own place? Maybe I should just google it...but I'm too lazy) : - )

Julia said...

I take Zumba in the West Valley - at a dance studio. There are classes all over the place.

It's an AMAZING all body workout. I actually feel like I get a better workout than from the 4 miles I do on the treadmill at the gym.

Mommy Mia said...

I have mail in every room of my house and even leave half of it in my truck! I so have to agree about getting it organized. Maybe one of these days I will get it done!
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