Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ask and once in a while you shall receive:
Today, I went to Nordstroms. I picked up boots I had purchased on pre-sale 2 weeks ago. The zipper clasp (not sure what it's called) was broken and so the store sent the boots out to be repaired. When I picked them up I wanted to try them on one more time. For some reason, the repair place had sealed the zipper shut or something (there are zippers on both sides of each boot). The sales lady took them in back and did something to unseal them. As I go to put them on, I notice a tiny tear (almost like a scissor went through it) in the under lining of the zipper part (it is the zipper guard or something). This part is never noticeable from the outside - it is on the other side of the zipper. I was OK with it. Of course, like the bargain shopper I am, I asked for an extra discount. I got it. Instead of paying 40% off the regular price, I got 50% off! I am so proud of me :)

You can spot grandma anywhere:
When I was a child, my grandma would follow me around and stuff my face with food whenever I would turn towards her direction! I could have a mouth full of food, but if I didn't swallow fast enough, she mould somehow push more food in to my mouth. At the big monkey's Thanksgiving party, one of the little boys had their grandma come. She was running after her grandson and stuffing his face with food. One of the items - chips drowned in ranch dressing! It's not like she was just pushing the vegetables. At one point, he ran in to a closet to escape her!! This grandma was Persian, I believe. The only relevancy this has on my observation is that maybe it is a "non-American" trait. MY mom does this to my kids, as does my mother-in-law. Yesterday, in the classroom, watching the interaction between that grandma and grandson, in that moment, I was transported back to my youth, and even though I don't miss her stuffing my face, I do miss my grandma.

Rain in LA:
I was talking to an acquaintance last night. I mentioned that I was going to Zumba tonight and asked she wanted to join me. She told me that it was supposed to rain tonight. She then asked me that if it did indeed rain, would I STILL go to class? Um, I don't melt. And I am not scared of the rain. I grew up in the bay area, and we had constant rain! But I understood her point. Here in LA, people don't go out in the rain!! I remember when I just moved here to be with my then boy friend (now husband), I wanted to go to the movies one night. His response, "No. It's raining". I was like, WTF??????? Really????? People in LA do not like to drive in the rain, and for the most part, do not know how to drive in the rain. Yes - the roads are rarely wet, so when they are, they get slick and dangerous. Yes - the right lane and left lane get flooded when there is more than 1 inch of rain. But still - it's just rain people!! I hope I never adopt this particular LA attitude.


KimandCo said...

I love a good bargain!

Even in Cincinnati, people freak on the roads when it rains. It doesn't keep them home, but they seem to lose their ability to drive. And when it snows, even a dusting? Well, there's not enough time or space to go into the description of what happens then.

Julia said...

The newspeople seem to have a field day when it is raining. "Storm watch 2008" = 1 inch of rain!

Vodka Mom said...

That TOTALLY cracked me up! When I lived in San Diego people DID NOT drive in the rain? I was also like WTF?? I'd been driving in damn snow for 10 years, and they're afraid of a little rain? pussies.

Vodka Mom said...

Oh, and I TOTALLY miss Nordstrom's. Course I only shopped their AFTER Christmas sales, but I still miss the damn store.

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Wow good to hear we're not the only freaks who can't drive/go out/walk/ anything in the rain. The city comes to a freakin' standstill. And yes, LOL about the weather people! THEY LOVE IT when it rains. It's like a major catastrophic event - within 30 minutes of news, the rain takes up like 15 of it. Cracks me up everytime! Thank God for kids - they get me out puddle-jumping!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, yes - the rain thing drives me crazy. I grew up in Texas and the rule was unless the water was above the steering wheel, you went about your business! Sheesh!

Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog - I really appreciate that!

Happy Thanksgiving!

:^) Anna

April said...

As far as the rain in LA thing goes, I think when they can't manage to keep a friggin' freeway open because of it, and people don't know how to drive in it, you just kind of surrender, and would rather not deal with it. But I agree, it is pretty sad!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs4444 said...

IN 5th grade, on the way to school, I always stopped at my Greek friend, Alex's house. His mother would stuff my face with all things sweet and good. (that was back when I clearly needed to gain some weight! :)