Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's Saturday night and I'm about to fall asleep. These are things I think about:
  • Why do we always say that you know if an ethnic restaurant is good but the amount of people of that ethnicity eating there? If it was REALLY THAT GOOD, wouldn't everyone eat there?
  • Why do we insist our children learn things that are dangerous - roller skating, ice skating and bicycle riding are the ones that come to mind first?
  • Why can't I stop eating when I'm full?
  • Why do most people only make a whole turkey once or twice a year, while whole chickens are made all the time?
  • Why is it that if you eat 3 meals worth of calories at one meal, you will gain weight, while spreading them out between 3 meals won't necessarily make you gain weight?
  • Why can't I just close my eyes and go to sleep?

Good night.


Under the Influence said...

Sweet dreams (though it's afternoon now for me and late morning for you!).

Lucy said...

Hope you got some rest. Sometimes it is hard to shut the mind off!