Monday, November 9, 2009

Busted by My Little Spy

We get in the car to go to school this morning:

Big Monkey - Mom, where did you go last night?
Me - Huh?? You were asleep.
Big Monkey - Yes, but you went somewhere.
Me - I went to a friends house to watch Desperate Housewives. How did you know?
Big Monkey - Because when we came home the odometer was at 82 miles left to empty and now it's at 75 miles to empty!

OK - I am so screwed. If she pays this much attention to detail at 7 years old what will she be like as a teenager?


Joanie M said...

Just keep an even closer watch on her as she enters her teens. I'm sure she'll love the scrutiny!

Lucy said...

Wow! She has quite an eye!!