Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conversation With My Mother

Mom: How's the puppy doing
Me: Great
Mom: You don't want to get rid of it yet?
Me: No
Mom: I know - your husband is the one who wanted the dog
Me: Actually he was against it at first - I wanted the dog
Mom: The big monkey told me the dog is sleeping in her bed
Me: Yes, by her feet
Mom: That is so unhealthy for the big monkey
Me: No it's not
Mom: I spoke to someone at work today and they said...
Me: I don't want to have this conversation any more - leave it alone
Mom: Well, if the dog is more important to you than the big monkey
Me: Yes, that's exactly it!
Mom: Starting to scream something about how horrible a dog sleeping on a child's bed is
Me: CLICK!!!! (Sometimes it's nice having her 400 miles away and not being able to do anything about me hanging up on her - teehee)

Argh!!! I am in my 30's. Why is she still trying to run my life?!?!?!

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Lucy said...

People have their dogs sleep in their beds all the time. It is your business. My dogs sleep in their own beds in my bedroom but on occasion they will slip in with my children and snuggle up them. The kids like it and the dogs love it. It is OUR business. You can do whatever YOU want!

I think it is hard for people that do not have animals to understand. It sounds like your mom is not an animal lover and she doesn't get it, oh well, she doesn't have to sleep in the bed or with the dog so she doesn't have to worry about it. BUT, parents are parents and they love to say stuff. Hang in there!!!