Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

I follow deal websites, such as Coupon Cravings, Money Saving Mom and Frugal Shopping With Julie on a daily basis. It's where I get most of my "insider information" from these days. I also start looking at the "Black Friday" ads and spreadsheet weeks before Thanksgiving. However, I can't get in to "Cyber Monday".

I can never figure out if the deal is truly amazing. I also think that with the number of homes who have home PCs, and with how quick people are, that most of the true "deals" must be gone within the first 5 seconds of going on-line. I am cynical enough to think that re-sellers buy up all the quantity at the TRULY low prices and then put the goods up on ebay or another similar website.

Am I wrong? Are there amazing deals on Cyber Monday? Can you get the same delas on Black Friday through the comfort of your own home?

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