Friday, November 13, 2009


You know those friends? The ones who you can see very week or every other month? And you have so much to talk about, that the hours just fly by? Thankfully, I have been blessed with many such friends!

The great thing about these friends is that no one monopolizes the conversation. It's not the "ABC" show. We each take turns telling the stories of our days, weeks and months. If one person feels like being silent, the others will make up for it. If one person feels like they have ALOT to say, then we let them have their moment in the spotlight - because we know that each of us will have our time to shine.

Today I was sad - I was planning on going up to the bay area to have a girls night with my best childhood friends in the world. The trip got cancelled :(

Luckily, I met up with two of my best friends that I have here in town. We got to sushi at 7:30pm. The next time I looked at my watch next it was 9:10pm. The next time after that it was 10:30pm. We closed the sushi place down and I got home at 11pm!

We had so much to talk about we could have continued for hours, and the 3 hours we spent at dinner flew by in what felt like 5 minutes. In fact, the two friends continued on to a pub down the street. I came home because I have a family to take care of in the morning. That's the other thing about truly great friends - there were no hard feelings about me going home. They know how my life is and were just happy that we got to hang out.

This was the perfect way to spend an evening.

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