Wednesday, June 17, 2009


First off, blogging has been very therapeutic for me. I'm not necessarily able to say EVERYTHING I want (my blog isn't that anonymous) but it's nice to have an outlet for the things I want to say. I love the comments that I do get. So, thank you.

I blogged earlier about loving summer, even though I work full time. Well, tonight illustrated why. I took the little monkey to ballet dress rehearsal. Afterwards, we invited good friends over for dinner (Chinese take-out). After dinner, the monkey's and their friend went out to the front yard to ride scooters and play basketball. The adults stood around talking and playing with the kids.

We had a GREAT time. It was warm outside, the sun was out, and since it is the last week of school, no one had to rush home to do homework.

What a nice beginning to summer vacation. I sincerely hope that he rest of summer is just like this!


Lucy said...

I agree, there is something about Summer, it is just a relaxed season!

Kirsten said...

Summer evenings are the best.