Friday, June 5, 2009

Chillin in My Beamer

OK, I do not drive a BMW. But that song is n my mind right now. Possibly because that is the song that the big monkey is doing her hip hop routine to this weekend.

Also, I am catching up with my Millionaire Matchmaker episodes. Wow! What can I say. The men are misogynistic pigs. But then again, they have been trained that they can be, just like Pavlov's dogs. If they pull out the wad of cash, the 10s will come. They all say that they want "TRUE LOVE" but that they just can't find it. What they don't understand is that while women only "LOVE" them for their money, they only "LOVE" the women who are HOT!

How is it that these "entrepreneurs" that are pretty darn smart in their respective fields, are so dumb that they can't see the true problem?!?! They want a wife that is willing to love them for who they are as long as she is perfect in every way. If you've ever been married, you know that that is IMPOSSIBLE.

Patti, the host, CRACKS ME UP!!! In this episode she is talking about the petite little "spinner" - who spins on a guys lap. She must have said that phrase at least 10 times. Man, is that woman FUNNY!!

If you've never seen the show, give it a shot. In between the bouts of moral outrage and nausea most people feel upon first watching the show, you will probably find it pretty hilarious.


Lucy said...

I like this show too! Patti cracks me up. The millionaires just look at her when she tells them like it is.

They all want young, gorgeous and smart. AND yet, they don't meet that criteria. Guess, they think the money makes up for their short comings. WHATEVER!

LL said...

I've never seen the show, but when money is the only criteria for anything, the results are usually less than spectacular.

Crazy K said...

I love Patty, but Season 2 I just couldn't watch...the guys were such douches.