Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Real Housewives of New Jersey


This season finale was OFF-THE-HOOK-CRAZY!!

I won't give it away except for the fact that the finale has been teased since before the season began. I will say this:

Jacqueline - The most down to earth housewife of all. You can see that it comes from her parents, who are also down to earth and great. She also tells the truth and won't lie for anyone. Her husband is ALSO amazing - standing up for his wife and backing her up.

Dina - Tries to take the high rode but is so used to hiding behind her sister that it really kind of pissed me off. Also, where the heck is her husband. I don't think we saw him AT ALL.

Danielle - She is truly a shit disturber. She creates as much drama about herself as other people do about her.

Teresa - It's BOOBIES, not BUBBIES!!! That is truly annoying as crap. Also, she is the epitome of an Italian woman cliche when she gets upset.

Caroline - Can you please be my sister?

All that being said - I CAN'T WAIT for the reunion!!!


Lucy said...

I loved it too! I have a chat group and we chat throught the shows, soooo much fun:)

Under the Influence said...

I just blogged a little comment about the finale, too!

I was wondering about Dina's husband, too. Actually, until this episode, I thought she was single. I don't understand how these women can be "housewives" when they aren't wives - Danielle on New Jersey and Bethany on the New York version.

I guess their husbands aren't around (I think I have only seen Caroline's hubby once or twice but her adult kids are always with her, which I think is weird. They need to get their own life!) because they are too busy working their asses off to support those lifestyles.

Crazy K said...

Dina and her hubby were in an over the top wedding show call My Big, Fat, Fabulous Wedding that aired on VH1 and then re-aired on WE. After that, he's refused to do any more shows...but their whole relationshop is weird.

This show was awesome. I was tense the whole time and well, the promos leading up to it did no justice.

I couldn't stand Danielle, but in the end Caroline and Dina were caught in their own lies because they did dredge the book up for no reason other than the fact that they dislike her.

If you are going to talk smack, at least own up to it. Dina was totally caught and Caroline was ridiculous in trying to defend her by taking the blame.

I am addicted.

Thursday night at 9 is the "Director's Cut" of the the whole fight. Basically they made an hourlong show out of the fight because I am sure there was so much stuff that had to be left out for time.

I am Harriet said...

Danielle gives me nightmares. She really is manipulative and mean. uurrrggghhh...glad I don't know her.
The book is the reason why you don't do things that may come back to haunt you. "Just got arrested" doesn't happen to everyone.

Suburbia Steph said...

My hubs always says my temper is the Italian coming out in me. It only pisses me off even more.

Teresa's forehead (or lack there of) was quite a distraction for me.

A said...

I can't believe I watch it but I do and can't stop! Looking forward to the reunion too...