Saturday, June 6, 2009


Why can't I ever just do NOTHING on Saturday? I never learn....

My in-laws offered to cart the kids around to their activities today. I took that opportunity to:
  • Go to the farmers market by myself at 9am. I even took some pictures for a future blog post.
  • Pick up two friends and head down to Melrose where we hit the Penguin sale and the Ed Hardy store closing.
  • Went to the Grove and picked up some "evil eye bracelets", had lunch, shopped the Anthropologie and Banana Republic sales.
  • Came home, spent some time with the kids, who had recently come home, forgotten that I needed tights for the big monkey for her recital, sped off and picked up the tights.

The I came back home, picked up the kids and off we went to the recital.

Got home at 9pm!!



LL said...

Tired=Shop 'till you drop?

Lucy said...

I got tired reading about your day, goodness, you were on the run!