Thursday, June 11, 2009

She Pissed Me Off

Disclaimer: I am not the mom who thinks her kids are perfect. FAR FROM IT.

Today, I was thoroughly dismissed by the big monkey's teacher. She sent about a 1/3 of the class to be tested for the gifted program and my monkey was not one of those kids. When I called to ask her about it, she basically told me that she didn't think that she would do well on the test. According to her, it was primarily a math test.

Now, this is the same teacher who just last week told me that she was doing REALLY well in math and reading and that she just needed to work on comprehension. This was in response ot me asking what the monkey could work on in the summer to do well in 2nd grade.

She also spewed some BS about it being a "spacial" test but couldn't explain to me what that meant! Then she pretty much dismissed me.

I'm PISSED OFF!! I wouldn't be pissed if my monkey didn't do well on the test and was found out not to be gifted. I am PISSED OFF that she dismissed me by giving me a BS answer.

I think I'm going to get her independently tested. This is not because I think that she "MUST BE" gifted - it's because you CAN'T tell me "no" to something that involves my monkey's future and expect me to take your word for it.



LL said...

Last time something like that happened to me, I went to the XXXX School District office and said that I wanted to see the person in charge of the program I inquired about.

They weren't used to seeing fathers complaining and called security to remove me. (I was dead calm) Not fearing security, I suggested they call the police and if the guard touched his mace, to add the ambulance to the list of people called.

This got the place in motion (it was about two years ago). The police arrived and asked what the problem was. I directed them to the main secretary I spoke to. She said, "He's here to ask about the XXXX program for his daughter."

The police officer (sergeant now on scene) said, "That's it?"

They said, "yes, but he's a man."

I replied to all, "And if I come here to ask to see somebody about a problem my daughter has, they call security to escort me from the facility?" I showed my credentials to the police officers and it chilled them immediately.

I saw the people I needed to see - but there was a lot of drama involved. School people can be a real pain in the neck.

Under the Influence said...

Hhhmmm...our school district tests ALL kids at specific grade levels (I think 1st grade and 2nd grade), no matter how they are doing in class. You can also request a test on an "off" year if you and/or the teacher want it.

April said...

That is completely frustrating! What's even more frustrating is how compelled you feel the need to dismiss the label the teacher put on you. That's something else that drives me crazy. I find it particularly distasteful from those that are supposed to be shaping our children into well-rounded adults to quickly box us up like that!

Lucy said...

Wow! Why were the children informed of the testing? Why weren't all the children tested? Especially at that age?
Lastly, the teacher should have been able to give you the specific criteria to take the test and why your child did not meet that criteria, concrete information, not just 'subjective picking'.
Personally, I'm a certified teacher and I think the gifted programs are over rated and really only a very small few fit the category. A good teacher can incorporate a wide range of learners in the class. Tracking kids at a young age is not a good idea. They develop differently through the years, they may begin slow in one area and then take off and quite frankly vice versa. Parents need to be careful with tracking and gifted programs.
Your school and teacher handled the situation poorly.

Kari said...

You're kids are lucky to have a Mom who will advocate for them!

Crazy K said...

Seriously??? I mean, SERIOUSLY???
I am mad for you!!

It's one thing to not get a high enough score on a test to make it into the gifted program fair and square...BUT to *think* that she wouldn't do well on the test because it's *mostly* math is the biggest BS there is.

I would definitely break some doors down in protest.
Good Luck!

Annette Piper said...

The school where my children attend do this sort of thing all the time. It has taken till Year 6 for my son to be selected for ANY program like this although they've said he has talent in certain areas for years...

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

LL - Can you come deal with the teacher for me?? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Deb - Apparently your school district is intelligent and the LAUSD is filled with idiots! Testing everyone would be the logical solution.

April - I think it's ridiculous too. No one wants to make waves because they think that they'll be put in to the trouble maker box.

Lucy - You put it beautifully. It's ok if the monkey doesn't test gifted right now. The teacher just handled me and the situation HORRIBLY!

Crazy K, Kari - Thank you! I appreciate the support.

Annette - Did you try going around the system or was it too hard?

Julia said...

You are completely right to be pissed!
I am another one of those mothers that tends to view my child's potential with a healthy dose of realism (if not criticism). However, I don't appreciate someone telling me what my son CAN'T do without giving him an opportunity to try.
A teacher, quite frankly, has no right to determine who she "thinks" will do well, based on what she sees in class. Maybe any "issues" she experiences with the kids' progress is less an indication of their potential and more a result of her teaching style.

Suzy said...

I was in the 7th grade when they told my parents they thought I was gifted. So they jumped me to 8th grade math on top of the reg. 7th grade stuff and they found out what I knew all along. I was SO not gifted.

Looking back, I could have told them math was not my thing. That's a left brained activity and I am creative and artsy fartsy, totally right brained.

I wonder if they know that now, the school systems? My sister was totally left brained, math whiz, logical, saved her money and other annoying things.

I am gifted. In comedy. They don't test for that in the 7th grade. Or ever.