Monday, June 1, 2009


It is June 1st.

For some reason, today has been a day of reflection. Today is the beginning of a new month. I have been slacking in MANY areas recently. I have been cooking less, working out minimum days instead of striving for more, not eating as healthy, letting things slide (like blog posts and coupon shopping).

I am choosing today to recommit. I do not know if I will keep up my dedication (I already had a small piece of cake today) but if I don't try, I have already failed (yes, that's way too deep).

Tonight I worked out a little harder that I have in recent months. I came home and found the file I was looking for. I went through the mail piled up from the last couple of days and threw away the junk mail. These were all tiny steps, but ones I'm hoping to build on.

I tend to get complacent, and then wonder why....
  • Why am I gaining weight...while I have cake several days a week and am only exercising a minimum number of days.
  • Why am I not cooking as I get lazy and lay in bed instead.
  • Why can I not get control over my I let it pile up for weeks.
  • Why are certain facets of my life not moving I struggle to make some difficult choices.

So, I hope to make a dent in some of these issues in the next 30 days. I want to look back and feel like these next 30 have made a difference. Hopefully, this momentum will carry me past June, in to July and beyond.

Please remind me to post updates on some of my goals and wants.


LL said...

Whatever you do, you shouldn't procrastinate your procrastination...

Lucy said...

Good Luck!

It was smart to start with reasonable goals and then move up. With each success you will get there!!