Thursday, June 4, 2009

So close and so far

I was able to rush home after taking the older monkey to recital rehearsal and make it in time for Latin Jam!

I came home and ate a fairly healthy dinner. Of course, after dinner I ate two dark chocolate Russian candies (sigh).

It's so difficult to be good! No matter what it is we are talking about ;)

Last night I was thinking about cycles, you know, the ebb and flow of things.

As a kid, we play repetitive games - and we play them repetitively. Oddly enough, these games do teach us about life.

Red Rover, Red Rover - that teaches us about being picked for your strengths or weaknesses. About being able to penetrate a seemingly immovable force.

Dodge Ball - that game is too cliche to even mention (yet here I am, mentioning it).

Even jump rope songs tell us about who we love and what life is "sure" to bring us.

Life is one big series of ins and outs, back and forths, teaching us the "same" lesson over and over again. There are times when we are in a good place, and a day later we are in a bad place. Then we are in a good place again, thinking "Wow, I have finally got this under control". And then the next day we are out of it again.

My blog is Sometimes Lucid. Apparently, today is not one of those days ;)


Annette Piper said...

Ah yes, the dreaded call of chocolate - particularly after being good all day. If its any consolation, you're not alone!

Crazy K said...

Chocolate is the delicious devil.
Everyone slips up once in a while. Don't sweat it :-)

Joanie M said...

Cheetohs have been calling me lately. And Ben and Jerrys. I hear ya.

Lucy said...

I must confess I have chocolate everyday, don't be so hard on yourself.

I can't agree with you more on the eb and flow of life, we all are hanging in there:)