Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not a Princess

I am definitely not a princess.

You know how I know? I have been laying on a piece of popcorn for the last 20 minutes and never even felt it!! The monkeys and I watched the second half of Bedtime Stories (which we LOVED) in my bed and I allowed them to eat a bowl of popcorn in my bed. Silly me to think that they wouldn't get it all over the place just because I was holding it.


I had a packed weekend (and sadly it doesn't look to be letting up in the next couple of weeks) but today friend's called and asked if I wanted to get a massage. Since my in-laws were over (with the monkeys' cousin) I jumped at the chance (they were going to hang out with the monkeys anyways). I got the most amazing 1.5 hour massage at one of those "foot massage" places. The reason "foot massage" is in quotes is because it is actually a full body massage (get your minds out of the gutter). You are in a big room with many massage sofas and they give you a massage right there. You keep your clothes on (but wear loose clothing) and the massage is over your clothes.

The best part - it's $20/hour!!! Today's was pretty darn awesome. Afterwards we went to Pho next door. This was the best 3 hours I've spent in a while - a great massage and then laughs with friends!!

I'm still exhausted but a little more mentally awake.


LL said...

1. You are a princess. That is not proof of absence. If the kernel wouldn't have popped and would have remained intact, it would have been hard as a pea and you surely would have felt it. Thus assuring yourself if not the rest of us of your status as a princess.

2. A massage with your clothes on and "no happy ending"? What sort of massage is that? I mean, what's the point? Where's the real fun?

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Lucy said...

What more can a mom ask for popcorn in her bed and a massage!!!

Kirsten said...

I'm so insanely jealous. Sounds fantastic.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

LL - It was short notice, I took what I could get ;)

Lucy - Um, how about a man to feed me that popcorn in bed?

Kirsten - Before this past month I hadn't even gotten a massage once in the past +1 year. It takes friends who MAKE you get out of the house to do that.