Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Would You Rather Wednesday

Welcome to my 2 new blog followers:

The Mom and Joanna. I'm so happy you're here. Thanks for following me.

Kel from Girl in the Glasses posted Would You Rather Wednesday and I have decided to play along. I answered her questions in the comments on her site (great questions, by the way).

Here are my questions:

Would you rather...

Watch TV or read?

Run or Walk?

Buy clothes for others or buy clothes for yourself?

Work or workout?

Please play by posting your answers in the comments!

If you want, do your own Would You Rather Wednesday on your blog.


Keri said...

Watch TV or read? Give me a good book and I rather read. On the other hand, a bit of TV is good for a no brainer.

Run or Walk? Without a doubt, walk. Don't want to miss a beat by running everywhere.

Buy clothes for others or buy clothes for yourself? At this moment in life, definitely for others. Maybe it'd be a different story if I lost 50 lbs.

Work or workout? Hello.... workout. You know that 50 lbs that follows me everywhere? I'd love to say good bye for good.

Lana said...

1 - Read - Other than a few magazines, I haven't had the chance to read a good book for a while now.

2 - Walk - I hate sweating. No running for me.

3 - Buy clothes for others - trying clothes on for myself s too depressing, and I'm really picky how things fit.

4 - Work. See number 2! ☺

Joanna said...

Thanks for the welcome!

I would rather...

buy clothes for others

I guess the last one isn't as easy - work as in, what I do 9-5 or work as in one of my other "jobs"? If cleaning/organizing/blogging can be considered work - I'd do that. But if you mean like go in to work - I'd pick workout, as long as it doesn't have to be for as long! :-P

KimandCo said...

Read - most of the time anyway. Sometimes though, mindless television is a nice respite.

WALK - unless I am trying to save a life and then I would run if necessary.


Neither - I'm lazy.

kel said...

Would you rather...

Watch TV or read?

Run or Walk?

Buy clothes for others or buy clothes for yourself?

Work or workout?

Julia said...

All of yours are great.

My answers:

*If new shows are on, watch TV, if not, then READ!
*Walk - running makes my boobs hurt
*Buy clothes for others, especially the monkeys, because they clothes always fits them.
*Workout, but only if it's Zumba ;)

Kate said...

Read, though I usually end up watching TV...oh well

Walking all the way. I like to call this conserving energy rather than lazieness.

Buying clothes for me. My husband is the only person I have to buy for and he's so picky I gave up on that long long ago. Its a lost cause apparently.

Work, again, conservation of engery....yeah, that's it.