Saturday, December 20, 2008

Work in progress

A number of fellow bloggers are re-capping their weeks in their last posts. I am going to take that idea and re-cap my day, so far:

9:00am - Get on the road to drop big monkey off at Russian School. Little monkey comes on errand with me.
9:30am - Farmers market for regular fruits and vegetables and food for the party.
11:00am - Drop off Asian pears and apples for good friend (and grab coffee and hard boiled egg while there).
12:00pm - Get home, shower and transform in to presentable human being
1:15pm - Get back to Russian school for New Years concert (Russians celebrate New Years with Santa, not Christmas, and it's not a religious holiday. I will blog about this next week).
2:00pm - Almost make the husband get in to a fist fight with some punk-ass 18 year old kids (I may have told them to shut the fuck up and husband only heard them tell me I was rude).
3:00pm - Leave kids at Russian School with in-laws and pick up friend. Go to Costco and Russian store for food stuffs for the party tomorrow. Eat my way through Costco and Russian store samples.
6:00pm - Get mani/pedi.
8:00pm - Start cooking items that can be prepped ahead of time.
10:00pm - Other friend picks me up for quick Bed, Bath and Beyond run.
10:45pm - Blogging
11:00pm - Am about to wrap Hanukkah gifts for tomorrow's party. Am about to throw mail in some random drawer and put out dishes to be used tomorrow.

The food is a work in progress, as am I. Even though nothing is difficult, it all still takes time. But this is the stuff that gets me going. I love to cook and entertain.

Here's the little monkey and her dad:

Here's the big monkey telling Santa a poem:

Here's the brisket going in to the oven for it's initial 6 hour bake (out of 9 total hours):

Here's the matzoh balls going in to the refrigerator to rest (and yes, these are made from scratch, not from a mix):

I'll be back tomorrow with recipes and the pictures of everything cooked!


Lana said...

Whew! Sounds like a busy and productive day! Forgive my ignorance, but what is Russian school?

Vodka Mom said...

I"m exhausted just reading this. Pass me the wine.

Amanda said...

That made me hungry! I haven't had brisket or matzah balls in ages!

kel said...

Dang! you are a busy lady!

Blogging Under the Influence said...

I need a nap.

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Holy shit - I think you're an overachiever. I'm with Vodka and Kim - I'm tired and realizing I'll never really be able to keep up this holiday season. I mean, BBB at 10:45 PM???? Are you nuts?

LaTonya Yvette said...

You are a busy lady

Julia said...

Lana - Russian school is where the kids go and learn to read and write russian. They also teach math, theater class, computers, etc... It can go all Saturday long. But the big monkey only takes Russian, Math and Theater. She's there from 9:30-1:00 on Saturdays. She loves it.

Vodka Mom - will you settle for Pomogranate martinis? Made from freshly squeezed (not by me) pomogranate.

Amanda - I can send you a virtual matzah ball.

Lee - I didn't really need anything at BBB but I'm like a kid in a candy store there, and my friend was going anyways, so I just asked her to pick me up.

Joanna said...

What a busy day! Sounds like fun, though! The food looks delish.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, just stopping by your blog to wish you "Merry Christmas" before I hit my hometown for the holidays.