Friday, December 19, 2008


I tagged QuirkyLoon in the book meme. She said that I inspired her to make up a bloggy award, so I took it :) It's SUCH a cute award. Please check out her blog.

I love this bloggy community!

So, I was a complete enabler tonight. I went to my favorite kids' store tonight on one of my favorite days of the year. Today was the first day of Hannah Andersson's Winter Hannah Sale! I bought out 1/2 of the store (or maybe it just felt that way) and for good measure had them order me some stuff on-line! I called my friend who was in the mall and told her to meet me there ASAP! She did and she ended up doing some damage herself (both in the store and on-line). She's about the 5th person I have enabled to do MAJOR damage in that store. As we were leaving she turns to me and says - "This is all your fault". Yup! I can live with that ;)

By the way, these winter jackets are $32!!!! Such a deal!!!

And their 100% organic cotton PJs are amazingly soft, won't shrink and are perfectly warm and cozy! And they're on sale for $18!!

Have I enabled you yet? And no - I do not work for, or get paid by, in any way, shape or form by Hannah Andersson. But if someone who works there wants to start, I wouldn't say no ;)


kel said...


Flora said...

oooh very cute!!!

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Where is this mall with hannah andersen? And I see you STILL have your word verification word is fedef. Hmmmm.....


Julia said...

Fine! I have succumb to your word verification strong arming and have taken it off ;)

This magical mall is the best mall ever - the Topanga one. They even put in a Neiman Marcus! And they have a merry-go-round for the kids. It's an amazing place where I can lose myself for hours and hours! They even have a sushi restaurant with a KILLER happy hour :) Anytime you want to head over the hill, I'll meet you there!

April said...

I'd comment, but I'm off to check out that place!