Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My evenings

I am a VERY social person. I love to talk on the phone. Yet, when I am at home in the evenings, the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone. When I am on the phone at home, I am trying to find a nice way of getting off. Inevitably, I'm on the phone for at least 30 minutes and have to fall asleep later because I still want to watch my TIVO'd shows!!! I have priorities, darn it :)

Apparently this is parent teacher conference week at most schools. April at It's All About Balance had her daughters parent teacher conference too. I had the big monkey's conference today. It went well. The teacher is quite strict and hard. The marks are 1-4 and this teacher gives very few 4's. We got used to receiving 4's in Kindergarten, so I had to explain to my upset child why she didn't get as many 4's as she normally does. My daughter did quite well but the teacher did bring up some things to work on. Funny enough, it's the same things I have to work on!!! Speaking before thinking, knowing her work but still looking around because she isn't confident in her work, etc... I guess those things are genetic. I just have to teach her to do what I haven't been able to master myself ;)

Tonight I am making chocolate Marble Biscotti (I will make the Jewish Jelly Rolls this weekend). The big monkey has a project due on careers (the project is due Friday - nothing like procrastination) and she chose to learn more about being a Pediatrician. So, we are off to see her pediatrician tomorrow and I wanted to make something to give her as thanks for seeing us.

I am also making my turkey stock from the leftover turkey carcass (heheheheh, I said ass). I have always wanted to do that and always ended up throwing the carcass (I said it again)away, but I thought what the heck. As an added bonus I can blog that I did it (the driver for 1/2 the things I do these days). It seems to have turned out fine. I'll probably take some to work tomorrow for lunch.

Why yes, there is a padded room with my name on it, why do you ask??? :)

I will post both the Biscotti recipe and "blog" the visit to her Dr's office on Thursday.


KimandCo said...

I don't like the phone in the evenings, either! I try to do all my phone talking while driving.

Let us know how your carcASS cooks.

JulieChats said...

Yes, our kids seem to turn out like us in strange little ways. My 7 year old daughter's issues at school are talking too much to her friends (I was sent to the hall in 1st grade for this, so glad they don't do that anymore!) and taking too long to finish projects because she's a perfectionist...I too have been accused of this!

Opus #6 said...

I think most married women with kids don't have time to talk in the evening. While mom chats, all heck breaks loose. And she is losing precious time with her family.

I am Harriet said...

Thank goodness for cell phones! Well, and email of course.

Julia said...

I usually chat with my friends via yahoo instant messenger during the day, and in the car to and from work.

When I'm home and the kids are asleep I want to zone out.

April said...

My evenings are like that, too :) I think my friends have given up since I so rarely answer the phone on weeknights.