Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids love birthday parties! And so do I actually. Somehow, in two hours, the kids are able to pack in about 4 hours worth of fun.

This one was at a Bowling Alley. The monkeys' had a really good time and the little monkey bowled better than most everyone else. Including the big monkey! And oh was the big monkey upset. How dare the little one do better than the big one????? It didn't help that the big ones' friends were all amazed by how well the little one was doing and were happy for her, and proud of her.

So, what does the big monkey say???? "THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!."

Hearing those words are like nails screeching on a blackboard to me. Not fair? There are children starving in parents couldn't even afford to buy me a cabbage patch doll...I can't go in to Neiman Marcus and buy whatever I want...those are the things that are REALLY unfair!!

Green eyed monster, anyone? It's amazing how sisters can love each other and want to kick each others ass at the same time ;)

After a while all was forgiven - the perfect meal was served. Pizza, french fries (according to my friend, these were french fries on crack, because they really were that good!), vegetable platter and cupcakes and dots (the ice cream). What more can children ask for???

The perfect birthday party.


Vodka Mom said...

omg! I am remembering ALL the birthday parties that we have had- bowling alleys, Pizza Hut; movie theatres; hair salons; the mall; you name it, we've had a party there!!

(three kids. yeah. )

Lana said...

Wow. Growing up I had all my b-day parties at home, except for 2, which were at Mcdonalds.
I went to a friend's party when I was 6 to a movie theatre. We watched "My Little Ponies". It was quite the adventure!
The parties that kids have these days! Sheesh!! Can I be a kid again, only in this day and age?! ☺

KimandCo said...

Can you host my kids parties AND take them to any parties they are invited to? I dread kids parties. I like watching them have fun, but it stops there for me. I am so happy mine are to the age where I can just drop them off and pick them up when it's over!

Julia said...

Kim - Sure I can! As long as you don't mind them all being at a play place that's closed to everyone but your party. Those are my favorite ;) Some of those places even let you bring in alcohol! Sadly, the older the kids get, the less they want those play places.

Lana - Every birthday I had was at the house or Round Table pizza! Kids these days are different.

dizzblnd said...

Ya know... sometimes the green eyed monster is like having another elses kid. It stays for so long, you feed it, it throws temper tantrums, then it's gone.

I am glad my kids are not that age anymore. B-day parties drove me nuts! I am glad all of the monkies had fun

Opus #6 said...

Kids will be kids. And parties are a favorite time for melt-down tantrums. Especially when the party is over.

April said...

Ah, the dreaded "it's not fair." I seriously hate that phrase. I'm trying to break my oldest from ever uttering it again. Yeah, right, that'll happen!

Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

We had a bowling birthday party this weekend too! It was a blast.

My girls are constantly competing with each other. My favorite are the epic tantrums each night over who gets out of the bathtub first. I finally put a chart in their bathroom to keep track so all is FAIR.

But then they play Uno with each other for almost an hour in their bedroom with out a peep. Go figure.

Janna said...

Hi Julia,
I don't have your email, so here is mine: Thanks for the recipes!