Monday, December 29, 2008

Who do these kids think they are?!

When did my monkey's start thinking they could tell me what to do?

My 6 year old demanded that I apologize to her for being flippant (she told me that I was not being nice).

I am THE MOMMA!!! I do not have to apologize for anything!

Since when did children start telling parents what to do? I DO NOT remember ever telling my mom or dad that they HAD to do something! My dad would have stopped me dead in my tracks with one look!

I need to take control back. One problem - I have no idea where I lost it!!!!

I am a pretty strict mom - or so I thought.

Take Sunday - we went to Rubys for the big monkey's friends birthdays (a set of twins turning 7). I told them to behave and be good and the monkeys said that they would be. My first problem was believing them.

For most of the dinner they were really behaving. That was especially surprising because there were four 6 year olds, a 4 year old, and three preteens at one table. In fact, I thought to myself "Wow! All the kids are doing so well!!"

Of course, I jinxed myself!

The big monkey started yelling over to me and asking if she could get a salad, sit on her friends older sisters nap, trade places with the little monkey, etc...

The little monkey, now that one is going to be trouble!! She decided to be the center of attention by being funny. The more the other kids laughed, the "funnier" she became, in only the way a 4 year old can (ugh).

She kept standing up in the booth, staring at the next table, picking her boogers and eating them (I am absolutely mortified at this) AND at one point asked the man in the next booth for the lemon from his water (she has a weird obsession with sucking on lemons). Yes, she asked a complete stranger for his food, and he gave it to her!!! She also was eating food off the other kids plates with out asking. She was cracking herself up!

Ugh (yes, I know I said that already)! So, I am did what any good mother would do - I made DAD talk to her about it. Then tonight I tried to guilt her - I told her that I was very sad she did those things yesterday and that she made me cry ;)

All is fair in love, war and raising children (which is like love and war mixed in to one)!


Lana said...

I have been "pleased" at times when I've made my kids cry. Sounds horrible, but it's then that you know you've made SOME sort of point come accross!

kel said...

Ok... the lemon thing.. kind of hilarious that he gave it to her!!!
And guilt always works!! Its my only defense!

Jenni said...

I remember trying to tell my parents what to do all the time. Key word there: trying. Yeah, that didn't really work out much for me.

Actually, I believe the response I always got was, "You're kidding me, right?"

Yes, testing those boundaries doesn't mean us giving in to those boundaries pushes. Stay strong!

Kristy said...

That is funny..I remember being scared to death of my parents for talking back...I almost alwasy got cracked!

Janna said...

The second you say to yourself, "things are going well" is the moment that all heck breaks loose when you are eating out. This much I know. Glad to know my kids aren't the only ones.

Can't believe big monkey said you were being Flippant. Where do they learn these words?

April said...

I agree with Jenni. Sure, they can try, but that doesn't mean you have to do it. It might help if, next time, you don't leave the discipline to their dad. I was definitely more scared of my dad than my mom, and I fully took advantage of the fact that I could get away with anything with my mom. You don't want to set that precedent.

Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

Yesterday my daughter told me "you need to find my bookmark immediately!"

Say what?!?!?!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ohhh young wise one, you have much to learn....The truth is you never had control in the first place. Sad but true. Wait until they become the true "flippant" ones. Yup, your moma said there'd be days like this.
I love laughing and sharing right along with you. We have all been there. Relax, you are a great mom. All kids pick their boogers and eat them. Yours are no exception.
Sounds like they are a fabulous, spirited bunch.

Linda S said...

Mine are teens...I love it when they tell me "we need to go now"..

Um, I don't need to go anywhere. I'm assuming they want me to take them somewhere. Staring into space until they realize you mean business works at this age...