Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You know you live in LA when...

I love these types of posts so I decided to create one:

  • It was 47 degrees outside this morning and children were walking in to school wearing ski jackets (mine including).
  • Anything under 85 is considering chilly.
  • Your Zumba teacher is creating a DVD and infomercial with his own brand of dance.
  • A child of a celebrity goes to your child's school/dance class/etc...
  • When you go to the jewelry store to buy your pet a gift (no I have not done this).
  • When the geek you knew in high school ends up a porn director (this JUST happen to my friend)
  • The valet finishes his night of parking cars and gets into his own Mercedes to go home.
  • When you make six figures and still live with your parents (I don't but TOTALLY understand how this could happen).
  • 90% of your children's class or your work is made up of immigrants born in other countries, 5% is made up of 1st generation Americans and only the last 5% is made up of people living in America longer htan 2 generations.
  • Chain restaurants, like BJs, and malls have valet parking!

OK - that's all I have for now.

I would love to hear everyone else's "you know when" - all cities are pretty darn hilarious. Either leave some "you know when's" in the comments or feel free to post on your own blog and send me a link :)


La Mom said...

Hi, You've made me jealous with your weather "you know when".

You know you live in PARIS when:

1/ you check your shoes for dog poop every 5 minutes
2/ You take your shoes off once entering anyone's(including your own) apartment
3/ You go to the pharmacy to buy vaccinations for your kids then bring them to the pediatrician's office (nope, he doens't have them at his place)
4/ You run into a celebrity at your local café
5/ You pay the equivalent of $8 for a small bottle of Listerine mouth wash

dizzblnd said...

OH great post!

You know you live in Florida when it 37 degrees when you wake up and 83 degrees when you eat lunch.

You know you live in Florida when you are behind a guy who will turn left ... eventually, because his signal has been on for the last 2 miles

You know you live in Florida when you call 2004 "One Big Hurricane"

That's all I got for now.. I will try to think of more

Lucy said...

This was great!!
We are in the midst of digging out of 9 inches of snow and two days of no school so far. We would take 47 degrees in a heart beat. But I always say, weather is relative. If you are use to 85, well, 47 would feel cold.

LL said...

If you can't comfortably wear a t-shirt at midnight in SoCal, we consider it "bitter cold".

Kate said...

You and I lead very different lives, haha....

You know you live in Tennessee when your neighbor's idea of a hoppin' Saturday night is sitting on his deck with a shot gun and shooting at squirrels.

Janna said...

Fun post. Okay, here I go!

You know you live in Michigan when...

you point to your hand to show people where you live.

3 inches of snow is a light dusting.

You wear shorts when the temperature hits the upper 50's.

Joanie said...

Hi Julia! I did one for Pennsylvania!

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Nice work Julia!! Here I am with an LA one -

You know you're in LA when your waiter or waitress hands you a head shot just in case...

Nice work - I'm not sure I could've come up with so many good ones!! I could do a westside version maybe... :-)

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Oh I forgot to ask you something - now you need to teach me - what's the deal with these links at the end of your post? What's that all about? I'm so clueless.

lisa24n7 said...

You know when you live in Massachusetts because you only pronounce 25 of 26 lettahs - R's are always missing. ;o)