Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Post for Quirkyloon

The other title I was toying with was:

"Julia spends way too much time watching The Disney Channel and reading TMZ!"

Quirkyloon wrote a blog post about watching tween kids shows (i.e. iCarly, etc...). So to make her feeling better I "outed" myself as watching a lot of Disney Channel.

Her response to my comment "@Julia You're a Disney Channel junkie so maybe you can tell us..what's up with the alleged feud between Hannah and Selena? Please tell! (I'll be checking your blog for an answer!) :)"

The really sad part - I know the answer!

It has to do with the show Hannah Montana The Jonas Brothers (OK, I REALLY don't get the appeal). First, there were rumors that they were going to replace Hannah Montana with Selena Gomez and then The Jonas Brothers fueled suspicion by wearing a "Team Selena" t-shirt. Also, each of the girls have dated a Jonas Brother.

So now that I have outed myself as a "tween wannabee" (to which I reply WHATEVER with my hands raised in the "W" sign) go and check out Musings of a Quirkyloon and see what she has to say on the topic of tween shows.


Under the Influence said...

Thanks to having children who watch the Disney Channel, I see several Disney and Nickolodeon (Drake and Josh, iCarly and more) on a regular basis.

And I am clueless, what is the "w" sign with your hands? Can you take a picture?

dizzblnd said...

Luckily for me.. my kids never really got into the disney channel.. But the friends want to come over and watch, my daughter is disgusted with the idea!

Charmaine said...

Oh Lordy. I am SO out of the Disney Channel loop. But I do have a child friendly TV.

I have been "cable free" for 5 years.

One night my just off the boat puritanical Irish Catholic mother came to visit me. It was late. Suddenly my boyfriend was transfixed by the TV. I guess it was Showtime.

A naked woman was dancing while pouring a gigantic silver bowl of vanilla pudding down her back. (I'll never understand that.)

My mother almost passed out, accused me of subscribing to the playboy channel.

I got angry cuz I never "consented" to allow that stuff in my house. I mean, what if kids were up late? So I decided to be cable free.

I spend millions renting all the cable shows on DVD. When I go to friends homes they can't even talk to be because I am glued, literally glued to the cooking channel. It's so sad...

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks Julia for both the bloggy love and the answer!

That was so nice of you! :) And now I know! Hey I've gotta be able to give my two cents worth with my boy! Now I have something worth saying.

And don't worry I actually looked up a Miranda Cosgrove video yesterday. Uh-huh, I really did.


Julia@SometimesLucid said...

I will have someone take a picture of me with my hands tomorrow and will post it.

Now it's my turn - what/who is Miranda Cosgrove??

Anonymous said...

Surely you jest Julia! hee hee

Miranda Cosgrove is the name of the actress who plays Carly in iCarly. (And she sings too!)

Well now that I think about it, it is a Nickelodeon show not Disney show, so I guess I can't blame you for not knowing!


Keri said...

You're not the only Disney Channel junkie. I had no clue about the drama you explained, for I get stuck watching Playhouse Disney. Oh yes, "Hotdog hotdog, hot diggity dog!".