Monday, January 26, 2009

For future reference, this IS NOT what I want for Valentine's Day

Every so often I get interesting email. And no I don't mean the penis enlargement/cheap pills/meet sexy singles/etc... emails.

I mean the ones I can use as blog fodder. Because, really, isn't that what life is about?!

The computer is not letting me do a print screen of the cheesy-ass pictures for some reason (which truly is a shame) but will let me copy the words:

Dear Julia!

This Valentine's Day, give your loved ones a unique gift they'll come back to again and again. Create your own custom Kleenex® Tissue box at

...and feel the love

REALLY???? Now I am NOT a materialistic person, but come on??? A personalized box of tissues?? I don't care how much effort is put in to finding the perfect picture to personalize the box with, it is a CHEESY present.

I have an idea - take that picture, print it out and stick it in a frame. At least then I can frame it. What the hell are people going to do with an empty kleenex box???

"Gee, Mary? You got flowers and chocolates? What an old fashioned present! I got a personalized kleenex box. Now every time I blow my nose I will think of Bob!"

Have all the good idea REALLY vanished? Are we down to the crappy ones now? Along with the economy, are our imaginations also suddenly in the crapper? Because that's what it feels like to me.

Anyone who hives that to me will feel an icy cold stare, not "the love".


La Mom said...

Hi! I just gave you the Honest Scrap Award. Check it out at La Mom's.

Under the Influence said...

That sounds more like a break up present - "Here honey, here are some tissues to use after I am gone. I don't love you anymore and don't want you to have a snotty nose during all that cyring you are going to do after I walk out that door. Here is my parting gift. A tissue box with my picture on it."

I am Harriet said...

Who has time for this stuff?
You should post this one on Sited and blogged.

CK Lunchbox said...

Ok, I had to read that twice just to make sure I wasn't misreading that... "personalized tissues for the one you love. Be prepared for the drama and emotion when you tell that special someone how you screwed up this time... and to never let them doubt your love, try personalized toilet paper. Each sheet has a message expressing your truest affection."

Who's the marketing genius that came up with this one. The economy REALLY is bad.

Scandalous Housewife said...

Maybe we've become such a narcissistic society or what? Next thing you know, we'll be wiping our asses with photos of ourselves.

Janna said...

That is very strange.

You know somewhere, someone is getting that for a Valentine's Day present.

Sassy Britches said...

Can we say, "tacky?" I'm just shaking my head and muttering right now.

Opus #6 said...

They say there is a sucker born every minute. I wonder how many Kleenex boxes they sell? Maybe angry mother-in-laws can give them out to their daughter-in-laws?

Opus #6 said...

I want to add that I have an award for you on my blog.