Thursday, January 22, 2009

When I Feel I Look Good I AM A Better...

I think it happens to everyone. The days I think I look better are the days I am more confident, I do better, I am a more productive part of society (why yes, I am a bit of a drama queen, why do you ask?)

Anyways, I needed new sports tops. Since I have been doing Zumba (why yes, I am a bit obsessed, why do you ask?) I have realized that my old sports tops, except for one, were woefully under-supportive! Nothing like coming down from a jump up to have one part of your anatomy go up and hit you in the face!

On my way home I stopped by Lululemon to see if they had any cute tops on sale. The one top I have that is super supportive is from Lululemon. It is not a cheap store, but when you want good, sturdy, cute, supportive athletic wear, you can't beat it. Also, they have a sale section. I VERY RARELY pay retail.

Today was an exception. I tried on this amazing workout top! It made me feel pretty (which is hard to do in work out clothes) and passed the "jump" test. I even went online to find the picture to post. It's the same as mine except for the color - mine is a beautiful plum color:

This top is SEXY. Which is perfect for a class full of girls - LOL! But there are mirrors in the class and I'd rather look cute and not worry about "popping out" than look "schlubby". In fact, the teacher even mentioned that I was just going all out tonight. I credit the cute top.

It really is funny how sometimes clothes really do make the WOman.

I need to remember things like that for when I really just don't want to wear anything cute - my outlook does change for the better when I like how I look.

Time for a PSA - don't give up on a store just because it is known as "expensive". I was talking to a girlfriend about work out tops and when I mentioned Lululemon she immediately discounted it due to price. Tonight I was able to get some great, cute tops (aside from the one I pictured) for $20-$30. While that is not CHEAP, it is not expensive for what you get. The moral, it's OK to check out so called expensive stores. Just go to the sale section :)


dizzblnd said...

That IS a cute top. Almost enough to make me want to start exercising more ...ALMOST

It doesn't squish the twins? That's what I hate about the sports bras.

I know what you mean about looking good/feeling good. It just makes you feel like a whole other person. Good for you for paying a little more!

La Mom said...

Very cute top. I bet plum is gorgeous.
Wish I could wear one myself, but my little ones are just that...petite!
I am so with you on looking good therefore feeling more confident.

Lucy said...

Very cute, I wish I needed a support bra! I'm a little too small for something so nice!

Anyways, totally agree with looking nice helps making you feel more confident or better during the day. On the days I feel yucky, I force myself to 'dress it up' or put make up on, knowing it will lift my mood.

Under the Influence said...

In agreement - looking good = feeling good (or at least better) and vice versa! I figure it's just as easy to put on something that looks nice (whether it be PJ's or a sweater and jeans) than it is to put on something that is crappy, ugly and worn out.

Janna said...

Very cute top... and I totally agree about the sales at the stores. In theory I cannot afford Ann Taylor Loft, but if you go during sales, they have the best sales ever!

Sassy Britches said...

I have never been a proponent of actual "workout" clothes because I always thought that my t-shirts and shorts were just fine. Until my sports bras started giving out on me! And I don't even have much to fill them! So, yes, the clothes make the woman...when you're looking cute and are firmly OUT!

Kirsten said...

It is so true... I'm always in a better mood if I have something cute on that makes me feel pretty. Work-out wear included. Why should we be frumpy just because we're working out?

I am Harriet said...

You go!
Nothing like a good bargain to empower us!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I like how it passed the "jump test" LOL

So true about how when you look better you feel more confident and feel better.

I need some cute workout stuff!