Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Resolutions

The last couple of years, I have resolved not to make resolutions. this year, since I am putting them in print, and will be re-visiting them from time to time, I thought I would make some. Hopefully, I feel feel accountable and keep them.
  1. Be conscious of my spending. I have started to bring my lunch to work. It's a good start. But I do need to be mindful of my "medium dollar" spending. I'm good with the $2 purchases and the $500 plus purchases, but it's the $$$$ in the middle that give me the most trouble. I will be more mindful of my spending habits.
  2. Be conscious of my eating. When I'm out with friends, especially, I tend to continue eating when I am no longer hungry. I need to put my fork down, listen to what my friends are saying (I have some great and interesting friends). This way I won't have to make up for one bad night with 3-4 good days. Today, I asked the waitress to take my plate away so I wouldn't be tempted to put more on it.
  3. Be conscious of getting exercise in, in all forms. I am already pretty good about working out at least 3 times a week (Zumba helps), but I need to get more "steps" in. Today I made good strides in that direction when I parked toward the end of the best buy parking lot (which isn't that big) instead of circling for a closer space. I also talked my friend in to going on a walk with me around the mall after dinner. We strolled around for a good 1/2 hour just chatting. I know if we had stayed the restaurant we would have ordered more drinks or ate more bread.
  4. Be happy with the daily things I do to be a healthier person. Even though today wasn't perfect, I did make an effort. I need to congratulate my self on the small victories.
  5. Be more organized. Clean out the closets and nightstand more often. Get the car washed and the toys cleaned out of the car. Organize my time in and out of the office and not constantly feel as though I'm forgetting something.
  6. Cut myself, and my monkeys, some slack - I can not always be perfect. Neither can they. I stopped by a friends house today to drop off a present and her daughter said that my oldest monkey, who she's friends with, was mean to her and was rude to adults, because my friends daughter was climbing on my monkey's bed and my monkey screamed at the dad to get the little girl off the bed. So, instead of saying that my monkey just doesn't like other people on her bed, and that there have been times where this same little girl has yelled at me, I said "OK, I'll talk to her." All my friend said to her daughter was "don't tattle tale." I was kind of upset the rest of the evening - 1/2 by my reaction and not coming to my monkeys defense more (I did say that I didn't think she was mean to her or adults), and 1/2 by my starting to doubt the goodness of my monkey. And if she did yell, it wasn't like she was trying to be rude, she's just 6 and hasn't learned of art of persuasive argument yet! (Funny how what I hate most about my mom (that she doesn't give me the benefit of the doubt) is what I ended up doing to my monkey).
  7. Believe in the goodness of me and my monkeys. They have both developed my loving nature. They love to share (aside from not wanting to share with each other) and are 2 of the most selfless kids I know. The have an inner warmth to them and are constantly smiling and happy (except for when it comes to each other - ah, sisters!). And yes, they go crazy sometimes -but all kids do. Knowing that those are the traits that I have always been know for, watching them makes me appreciate myself.

OK - that's all I can think of right now. I expect everyone here to keep me honest :)


Candy's daily Dandy said...

That is a great list! Good luck on those.. (I already broke my biggest resolution but don't tell any one)
I really love the resolution about giving your "monkeys" the benefit of the doubt-sometimes they need to know that no matter what-mom will at most-listen.

Joanna said...

Those sound remarkably similar to my resolutions too! LOL Your children are so adorable, that is wonderful that they have inherited that spirit from you!

April said...

That's quite an impressive list!
Definitely keep writing about your accomplishments - either here or in a private journal. I think they really help keep the motivation going.

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

That is a huge list Julia but you seem like the kind of person who will work hard on your resolutions. And yes, yes, yes on Number 6 - cut you and your kiddos some slack. You are obviously impressive people with good got all the right things going on it seems.


Sassy Britches said...

I love to hear people being so selfless and introspective. We will keep you honest! Good thoughts your way!

Under the Influence said...

These are resolutions we should all take on! I am sticking to "keeping my opinions to myself" though. That's all I can handle, it is such a challenge for me!