Monday, April 27, 2009

The Wrong Feature

This is my Monday feature, "The WRONG feature".

Play along.

5 things you think maybe be wrong, for one reason or another and 1 that you KNOW is wrong.
Is this wrong:
  • Swine Flu Not Kosher in Israel (OK, more funny than wrong)
  • I don't feel well enough to go and work out but will get up and drive to the bookstore to get book 5 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series
  • When I posted my Facebook status that I was making homemade chicken soup, I got a lecture from a girl I knew in childhood on the CORRECT way to make chicken soup!
  • I won't pay retail on clothes for myself but will buy brand new books, read them once and then just give them away
  • I am tying to eat healthy and then go and buy European dark chocolate and walnut candies (and tell myself that they are for the kids and husband only)

I KNOW this is just WRONG :

Speidi got married - shudder! How about we legalize same sex marriage and make it against the law for these two to continue their fake lives (I hate to even call what they do living)!


Joanie M said...

I'm just mad that the swine flu shot my father forced me to get years ago will do no good if the swine flu comes here. thanks dad.

Lucy said...

I can't even imagine someone telling YOU how to make chicken noodle soup. THAT IS SOOOO WRONG!