Monday, April 13, 2009

Good samaritan

I was working out tonight at my gym (which is women only) and heard a plea over the speaker for anyone with jumper cables to come forward.

I was about 1/2 way through my workout but figured that I should be a good samaritan.

I went up to the front and proceeded to help one of the massage therapists with her car.

The funny thing is, she was so surprised that someone would stop what they were doing and help someone out! I really hope that there are more people out there that would respond and help, instead of being apathetic and selfish.


It turns out that I don't have jumper I called AAA...and they were on their way...and another girl came by with jumper cables...and we tried to jump start her car...and the only thing that happen was her alarm went it's not her battery, but her security wires or I called AAA and cancelled...and she went to call her road side assistance...who she had called before ,but they were going to take about an hour to arrive...and I left.

Attempting to be a good samaritan is hard!!!


Suzy said...

I went to the super market, lost my keys, they called AAA for me and then someone found my keys. I tipped him, what else could I do? I also apologized to the manager for calling her an airhead.

Under the Influence said...

You did a good thing, even if you couldn't help in the end!

Annette Piper said...

At least you tried! Good on you for trying to help (and good on you for being at the gym!)