Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Antibiotics and doctors offices

Why is it that doctors offices give out antibiotics like they are candy????

The little monkey had a puffy eye this morning. So off to the doctor we go (I feel as though I am at their offices every other week).

An aside...why the heck do I have the one child who doesn't just sit quietly in the waiting room watching the movie. No...I have to have the one who keeps talking, asking questions, pointing to other people, etc...

Not pink eye, not a sty, not a bite... So, it's either an allergy or an "infection". We came home and I gave her Benadryl. That doesn't help.

Therefore, it must be an "infection", which I think is fancy doctor talk that actually means "I have no idea what the hell is wrong with your child". The cure for "we have no idea what it is" - antibiotics.

I think I'm going to call their office back tomorrow morning and see if we can do something homeopathic instead.

Any suggestion?


Under the Influence said...

Try a warm compress every few hours? Maybe you are already doing that. I would try a couple of things first and then if it's not better or starts to get worse, go for the antibiotics. But I'm not a doctor, so really, what do I know?

LL said...

When it comes to eyes, antibiotics are usually the issue unless there is a foreign object in or around the eye that's causing the problem

***--- UNLESS it's an allergy problem. At this time of year with everything blooming, there could be pollen in or around the eye and your child has been rubbing it. It's not uncommon for an eye to swell and close in those situations.

I'm not a doctor either, neither do I play one on TV, but I have done a lot of battlefield medicine, which is an exercise in not having things go septic.

Lucy said...

Wow, my kids pediatrician rarely gave them antibiotics, so I knew when he prescribed it was an infection. I feel for you. I personally would use the antibiotic because I'm a chicken (lol) but holding off for a day, I'm thinking won't hurt. If it was allergies though, she would have gotten some relief from Benadrly, just saying, my son always did until he got older and then had to move to some stronger stuff.
Good Luck!!!
P.S. Inquisitive kids are great! Frustrating but great!!!

SonyaAnn said...

I hate when you waste time in the doctors office and leave just as confused as when you started. Good luck and hope you figure it out soon.

April said...

Same thing happened with my daughter a few years ago. The antibiotics cleared it right up. I feel similarly to you about them, but sometimes they just work.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

We're taking to homeopathic route so far - a chamomile compress ever 30 minutes or so. so far, it seems to be helping. If it's not ALOT better by tonight, then I will fill the perscription for antibiotics.