Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reality shows are not real??

The Hills -
  • Suddenly Lauren has stopped talking about her dating life. So what about her real life actor boy friend? Why isn't he on the show?
The Real Housewives of NYC -
  • "I can't wait to bake something" "I know pancakes in the morning" Ummm, you don't bake pancakes.
  • "I love your appliances. Who makes them" Ummm, BIG OLD Monogram GE emblem on them! "I like GE"
  • by the way, Kelly is insane!!!

Dancing With The Stars -

  • "It's been honor to be here, and so much fun" Ummm, is that the case or do they want to revive their careers and lose weight?

American Idol -

  • Who cares what place you finish? If you're good you're going to get a contract.


LL said...

I don't like reality TV.

My daughters differ. They don't think anything is scripted. They assert that people live their lives with film crews surrounding them and no set script.


Lucy said...

I am hooked on those stupid reality shows that are becoming so obviously scripted! (lol)

A said...

Kelly is indeed insane.