Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kids Birthday Party

Today was the first time I went to birthday party where I had to LEAVE THE PARTY to go get some food.

The birthday was in a clubhouse. There were about 15 girls (most were about 7 years old). There were maybe 8 moms.

The food consisted of:
1 bowl of Chips (not a big bowl)
4 bags of microwave popcorn
4 pizza's in the kitchen (and they would only bring one pizza out at a time and I was afraid to ask for more)

My friend and I (we carpooled) LITERALLY left the party, drove to Trader Joes, bought artichoke dip and cheese and crackers, drove back to the party and ate.

The monkeys had a GREAT TIME - a mom was painting nails, they played charades, they did art and crafts and decorated their own cupcakes!

But REALLY....This is the FIRST time I had to go and buy food to go to a party!!

I get it - you're not wealthy. But they had money to buy a ton of decorations??

At LEAST have a veggie or fruit platter from Costco!!


LL said...

When it comes to parties, if you are going to have a party, GO BIG OR GO HOME.

You can also have a breakfast party where you serve pancakes or something (not expensive) filling and fun. Allow the kids to decorate the pancake they eat.

Using your head in planning a party gets you a lot farther than simply throwing out a bowl of chips. And I agree, food is more important than decorations.

Under the Influence said...

I'm with you - I would not have a party and not provide food and drinks for the people attending.

However, to play devil's advocate, maybe the mom did not realize so many moms would be staying and that she would need to feed them so she only bought food for the kids.

Lucy said...

I have to admit I'm confused. Was the party for the kids and parents? Was the mother expecting the children to be dropped off? I'm thinking the invitation should have been clear but here is my belief always over buy on food. But hey if the kids had a great time then life is good!!!

I'm telling you everytime I come here I want to go and eat. That artichoke dip sounds good:)

Valley HQ said...

Seems the birthday party was enjoyed by the moms and the children both alike.

Nice post, enjoyed reading!