Monday, April 20, 2009

The Wrong Feature

This is my Monday feature, "The WRONG feature".
Play along.
5 things you think maybe be wrong, for one reason or another and 1 that you KNOW is wrong.

Is this wrong:
  • Even though it is 100 degrees outside, I still have the heater on in my office (my feet get cold even though I love to wear sandals)
  • No matter what time I get home I have to watch TV for at least an hour
  • I love to get comments but I am not the best in replying to each person
  • I am very social but sometimes I would rather be left alone with a good book (OK, fine, more than just sometimes)
  • I am excited about the challenge of building an access database from scratch

I KNOW this is just WRONG :

I was filling up the car tonight, sitting in the car reading while the gas tank was filing up. I hear a click telling me that the gas is filled. I squeeze the handle one more time just to make sure that the gas is topped off.

I look up to see my $$ damage and this is what I see:

I guess gas prices really are hell ;)


LL said...

The heater on when it's 100 degrees outside struck me as definitely "wrong".

Under the Influence said...

The heater is totally ok in my book. My office was ALWAYS freezing and I ran a heater year round!

Joanie M said...

Holy cow! How big is your car?

Lucy said...

The database thingy, yuck!