Friday, April 24, 2009

Moms Have It Hard

I was talking to a girl friend tonight. She wasn't born in this country, and only emigrated about 10 years ago. She got married here and has 2 sons.

Her husband and her were discussing her working. She tried to explain to him that it wouldn't work out. She doesn't have a degree in America. She has never really worked here. The only jobs she could get wouldn't pay much more than minimum wage. Not even enough to pay for after school care.

Also, she spends about 1.5 hours each day with her eldest son on homework (the younger one is still in preschool). Her husband just doesn't understand these things. He is very proud when his son brings home great report cards, but is ignorant to the reason behind the grades. If she didn't work so much with him, he would not do as well. Her mom spent the majority of time, during my friends' childhood, working and making my friend do everything by herself, and my friend did not get as much out of school as a consequence.

I think dads don't always see everything that we moms do for/with our kids. Kind of like the groceries - you know, the ones the magically appear in the refrigerator ;)

I KNOW that things are tough for all moms, regardless of if you are a stay at home mom (like she is) or a working mom (like I am).


JulieChats said...

You're right, these guys don't see what goes on at home everyday while they're "at work".

By the way, the hair color was a hair spray I bought at Walgreens, I used sparkly silver and pink.

I just had to wash her hair twice to get it all out!

Joanie M said...

I've been a stay-at-home-mom and a working mom and both have their challenges.

Kari said...

I totally agree, ALL Moms have it hard. We tend to be the ones resposible for running the house, whether we work outside the home or not.

I often think, if I was actually away for a week or so, my husband would finally realize all that I do around here...

Under the Influence said...

I agree and this is why I whole heartedly believe moms should go away for a long weekend (or longer) a couple of times a year and let dad have the kids. He will have a whole new understanding of what happens in the life of a mom.

April said...

As you know, my girls have a deadbeat. I've wasted so much breath trying to explain to him what our daily existence is like. This is why I love finding you all here to connect with that can truly relate!

Suzy said...

I'll tell you one thing, when I reincarnate I'm gonna BEG to come back as a man.

Lucy said...

I agree with Suzy, I'm coming back as a man (lol).
Men just don't get it!!!

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Julie - I'll have to get some of that hair spray for the next crazy hair day.

Joanie - I agree.

Kari, Deb - I have left him alone before but then his parents swoop in and take the kids from him to help him (sigh).

April - I truly think that men are wired differently from us, and not just the deadbeat ones.

Suzy, Lucy - I'd rather come back with all of a mans' priveleges without actually having to be one (yes, I know, I am high maintenance).