Monday, December 14, 2009

They are kids

My parents have discovered email, so I have been taking blackberry pictures of the monkeys whenever we go someplace and emailing them to my parents. The love the pictures! It gives them a way to see the monkeys whenever they want (the live in Northern California and we live in Southern).

My mom has been forwarding the pictures to my uncle. He called me recently. He told me the picture were great but...

"Is it my imagination or are the kids getting fat?"

WTF?!?!?! They are 5 and 7. Seriously? This one goes down in the category of "Only Russian people can insult you at any time, any where and think it's no big deal"! And since he said something nice first, he probably thinks he gave me a compliment!

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Lucy said...

That is just wrong but just so you don't feel bad it isn't just the Russian culture. I have found that my Italian family members can be very insulting and think it is o.k. because 'they are family'. Whatever, rude is rude!