Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good For Her

When the Tiger Woods story came out recently, a friend of mine wrote an interesting status update on her Facebook.

It said: "it's seldom the husband spills the beans. It's usually the freak who disregarded the ring on your finger and now thinks you owe it to her to leave your wife and kids. Cheat on your wife=cheat on your kids. Buy a blow up doll next time."

I agree with her 100%. That being said, Tiger is TRULY going to pay for his "MISTAKES":

The Daily Beast says that Tiger is not only trying to put a little hush money under Rachel's pillow, but he's also waving cash in front of his wife's eyes to get her to stay. According to them, Elin's current prenup states that she will get $20 million after 10 years of marriage. But since Tiger's dick has jumped into someone else's vagina, Elin wants the prenup to be rewritten.

The source claims that Tiger is willing to add $55 million to the prenup. Also, if Elin agrees to stay, Tiger will immediately transfer $5 million into her personal account. So if Elin signs a nondisclosure and plays the perfect wife and mother for the next 7 years, she will be able to skip away from the marriage with $80 million in her pocket.

Tiger's advisers have told him to do whatever it takes to save his marriage so that his sponsors won't dump him too.


Suzy said...

The first amount is to get her to stay for 2 years.

The rest comes if she lasts 7 more. Kobe Bryant had a similar deal only his wife got cash and a brand new diamond for his behavior.

Lucy said...

Honestly, I think the entire situation is sad. I joked about it on my blog and her reaction showed that no matter how much money she is going to get she is hurt like any other married woman. Her husband cheated and to add salt to the wound it was going to be announced to the world, that would just upset me to no end, money would just be my vehicle of revenge in the beginning it really is just the hurt and betrayal when you are in love and the person you love, trust and feel is your best friend does the ultimate deceit.

Lucy said...

oops, I forgot the rest of the sentence. I should have ended by saying 'that gets to you'