Thursday, December 10, 2009


Here some Friday observations that I'd like to share with regards to the holidays:

  • People are having difficulty finding their "holiday spirit" - not sure if it's due to their personal situation or the mob mentality of the financial crisis.
  • There are more decorations up in our neighborhood than in the last couple of years - I guess people are trying to "fake it" until they "make it" in regards to holiday spirit.
  • People are being more thoughtful with holidays gifts this year - they are spending the same as, or even less then, last year but are making the presents more meaningful (I know I am).
  • I am eating out less but taking opportunities to spend more time with friends - we either have dinner at someones house or do other activities (such as roller or ice skating with the kids).
  • Company Holiday parties are on a much smaller scale this year and most employees are OK with that - although what we'd really be OK with is forgetting about the holiday party and being given the afternoon off.
  • Everyone is busier than ever but I'm not sure why. Are we spending so much time worrying about the economy that we don't have much time for everything else? Then we have to scramble to get things done?

Are you guys out in the blog-o-sphere observing similar things?


Joanie M said...

I've been a Scrooge for the past 5 years. I blame my ex and his lying cheating ways.(I caught him cheating in Dec 2004... wonderful Christmas surprise) If Christmas never arrived, I'd be fine with that. I do fake it for my kids' sakes.

My gift are fewer now but they are things the kids WANT and not just stuff so they have lots to open. Fortunately they're grown now, so they understand.

Lucy said...

Not all of it is so bad it is just a shame that people don't do it until they have to. I think it is a tough time for everyone right now and everyone is doing what they can to still make the season bright!

Lucky Girl said...

yes, that does seem to be the case everywhere. and this year i'm hand making most of my presents for friends - i figure it's more special that way, a little cheaper for me, and something they're more likely to keep instead of some random thing i find. also, lots of baking as gifts.