Monday, December 28, 2009


Presents are an interesting thing. Most people like getting them and/or like giving them. I like both :)

I have one friend who is so stretched so thin, that it is a pleasure to be able to help her out. However, she HATES receiving things from other people. She makes sure that you take her money when it comes to getting take out, going out somewhere, etc... but throws a fit if you try and give her money for the same things.

Tonight we got her family season passes to an amusement park for 2010 (it was a joint present between 2 families for her kids' birthdays and for the holidays). She acted like she didn't really like the gift!

The other family we went in on it with thinks that she didn't like the gift. I think that she thought it was too nice of a gift and/or was just not expecting it.

She's also the person who you can never take out for her birthday because she hates being fussed over.

I'm a bit different - you can get me whatever you want :)


Suzy said...

She's probably thinking "Oh GOD I can never repay this and now I have to get them something expensive too!"

My sister gets a bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne from one of her clients every year. She takes it out of the box and gives it to another client. Every year.

I have a policy that I FORCE people to follow, whether I'm flush or not. "I don't do gifts. I don't give and I don't receive."

It's mainly because people have shitty taste but it's a relief for them and me.

Lucy said...

I'm sure she liked the gift but sometimes people don't react the way we want them to or think they should react. I am sure the family will enjoy the gift and it just sounds like she has a hard time receiving gifts but it sounds like you guys did a great thing for her and her family and in the long run that is what you really wanted.