Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Parents

My mother is an amazing woman. She is almost 70 years old and never complains! She still works in a very busy office where she is expected to do a weeks worth of work in 2-3 days. She never sits still, anywhere, and is constantly looking for something (or someone) to fix.

On Tuesday at 7:30am she was wheeled in to the hospital for a hip replacement. At 11:30am she called me to tell me she was out of surgery and "fine". By Thursday morning I was at her bedside (we drove up to visit her on Wednesday night) where she proceeded to tell me that they were transferring her to the rehab facility that same day! The physical therapists are teaching her how to walk, climb stairs, sit down, be in a kitchen, etc...

She is coming home to my father tomorrow.

He is legally blind but if you didn't know it, you would never figure it out. He cooks, he takes the bus, he tells you when to make a right or left turn. He doesn't complain either. Well, except when my mom starts feeling like she should stay at the rehab facility longer. Then he tells her that if he can live with his illness then she can figure out hers.

My father loves my mother so much that he hasn't eaten since she's been in the hospital (nerves). He can't imagine a life without her!

These people are truly my role models! G-d Bless them - because I would go nuts if I had to live with either one of them again :)


Suzy said...

Heh, God bless them indeed.

They sound in better shape than half the people I know, all of whom are younger.

Lucy said...

I am so glad your mom's surgery went so well and both parents are doing great! They sound amazing!!!